Every student matters; every student can be taught to express themselves more clearly and more powerfully – and grasp the life possibilities they deserve.

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Education matters to us.  That’s why Writer's Toolbox supports organisations who bring education opportunities to the poorest, most disadvantaged, communities and give children a better future. As a company, and as people—it is our privilege to support these initiatives.

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Chumkriel Language School

Chumkriel Language School is located in Kampot, Cambodia. Founded by Nget Sokonthy in 2005, Chumkriel works with the poorest communities in Kampot and aims to provide children with a better future through education.

Lina's Hope

Lina's Hope is a therapy centre for disabled children in rural Cambodia, Lina's Hope provides Cambodians with disabilities a hope for the future and real possibilities.


Flame strives to enable the children of the urban poor to become leaders by identifying and launching leaders following the core values of authenticity, balance, courage, and Christianity.