Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic Tools


Diagnostic Testing is at the heart of Write that Essay.  Any school improvement programme should be driven by clear data that precisely pinpoints the problems, so teachers and management do not waste precious time and resources.


Composition Skills Index (CSI) is the writing diagnostic test developed by Dr Ian Hunter in conjunction with New Zealand schools.  Hear Manurewa High School Deputy Principal Pete Jones talk about the usefulness of the data this diagnostic test provided.  And how Write that Essay is helping senior leaders better support classroom teachers.


Pete also comments on Write that Essay’s work in assessment improvement. Lack of clarity in assessment tasks is major hindrance to student performance: Write that Essay now run specific Professional Development Assessment Improvement Workshops, helping schools remedy this problem.


Case Study

Teacher   Pete Jones, DP
Objective   Better data on writing gaps within schools
Key Impact   Detailed information; precise areas to target