Impact on ESOL

Impact on ESOL


  Today’s classroom teacher can be faced with a broad spectrum of abilities.  Catering for those differing levels can be demanding.  


Accessing English

Listen to ESOL specialist Sandra Shaw talk about the importance of equipping ESOL students with robust writing skills.  As Sandra says: ‘Many students who struggle to access English, do well with their reading credits, but it is writing that challenges them.  Write that Essay gives them the opportunity to build on those credits.’


Making differentiation work

In order for all students to succeed at their own rate—and preferred learning style—teachers need to differentiate learning tasks and advice.  One of the key features Write that Essay provides is seamless differentiation. 

Write that Essay allows the teacher to differentiate access for students of varying abilities within the same classroom.  Every student—inside and outside the classroom—receives advice and guidance at a level that matches their ability level.  As a result, the learning experience is truly individualised and responsive. 


Case Study

Teacher   Sandra Shaw
Objective   Assist students with limited English access
Key Impact   Improved writing abilities among ESOL students