“Improved my marks drastically”

“Improved my marks drastically”

Learning new writing skills, is something teachers are benefiting from as well. Morgan Wensley, Social Studies teacher, can relate. Returning back to study to complete a Graduate Diploma in Arts, Morgan relayed her story to us:


 I saw Ian at the beginning of 2015 when he was giving PD. I went to see him afterwards because I was struggling with my essay writing. He took a copy of my essay and broke it down for me. After he’d read it, he asked me, “What’s your essay about?” I replied, “The Appeasement of Hitler.” And he had circled the word ‘appeasement’—I had used it once in the second to last paragraph of my essay. He showed me how to build an argument. I went from a C grade in my 2nd year of studies, to an A at the beginning of my 3rd year of tertiary study.  


Morgan, has also excelled with her students in the classroom:

 A lot of students struggle with writing because it can be quite daunting. I’ve seen the change in my students writing abilities over the past year and it’s just amazing to see. We always refer back to the sentence style posters in class. I have my students asking me, “Miss, what sentence are we going to start with today?” And I’ll reply, “Ooh, let’s go with Power Sentence.” We have fully embraced the programme. Essay writing is not as easy as it looks. We print a lot of the resources off and give it to the students as a starter. It’s so valuable.  


Case Study

Teacher   Morgan Wensley
Objective   Enhanced teacher capability
Key Impact   More effective classroom practice