Northcross Intermediate: A Phenomenal Turnaround

Northcross Intermediate: A Phenomenal Turnaround


 We believe that Write that Essay and the structure within WTE, has made a huge difference in upskilling our teachers, their knowledge; that knowledge transferring back into the students.

We know that when we send our Northcross students into the secondary schools, the schools will be able to say they are coming through well-prepared and able to write fluently. 

I’d definitely acknowledge the difference WTE has made to Northcross Intermediate. It is great for PD for the teachers and their understanding. But it’s also a great writing structure for students: they feel confident and safe being able to write and knowing the structures to use.  


Case Study

Principal   Jonathon Tredray
Objective   Lifting student results
Key Impact   Jumped two year levels in eight months