Empowering Students

Empowering Students


 “Across the country, we’ve heard much about declining standards in writing, as evidenced in our Naplan scoring.  In terms of that, I think there is a challenge, and we do need to tackle that challenge and for us as a community to really make writing a key priority is of great significance because we have so many people who are learning English as an additional language.  

And so what is good for the general population becomes an imperative for us.  And Write that Essay has enabled that imperative for us to see measurable improvements, and for students to be empowered in terms of their writing. Students have tools and formulas that really make it easier for them to tackle writing, and allow them to expand their vocabulary, which is crucial when you’re actually learning about language.

What is different about Write that Essay is that it’s strategic in its approach.  Firstly, we were able to get all of our teaching staff and school officers on the one page.  Secondly, nothing will happen if it’s not driven from the top in terms of leadership.  So, we have our leadership team driven by our assistant principal in charge of learning innovation and pathways, our director of that and the faculty leaders under that and our house deans all working together to say this is a programme that we want to see fully implemented, fully engaged upon, and that enables it to be successful as well.  The third thing is that Write that Essay is something that is accessible and is set out in a way students understand.  I find students love the tools because Write that Essay is actually trying to communicate at their level, by giving labels to different paragraphs, such as the Lawyer Paragraph.  Write that Essay enables them to take those steps themselves, to own that in their writing, to experiment, and to see ways of doing things that is tangible.”


"Write that Essay is something that is accessible and is set out in a way students understand."

 Ann Rebgetz, Principal, St James College