Foster a Love of Writing

Foster a Love of Writing in the Classroom

I always found teaching writing challenging. The boys lacked confidence in their ability to write; they were disengaged in the classroom because they found the writing process challenging. And, it was hard for the boys to gain success out of their writing.

In retrospect, our approach to teaching writing was very limiting. We stifled the boy’s creativity and their ability to produce powerful pieces of writing. We taught traditional sentence types: the simple sentence, the compound sentence, and the complex. 

I think the Write that Essay programme works because it is just so practical and so easy. The boys are engaged in the writing process, and they’re developing confidence in their ability to write. 

Since we’ve implemented the WTE programme the most important lesson I have taken is the importance of fostering a love of writing in the classroom. With WTE’s practical approach, it is very easy for the boys to feel success in their writing ability.