Boys can Write!

Boys can Write!


 It is a myth that boys can’t write as well as girls.  Teaching a young man to write well is just like footie practice.  You teach him skills so he can quickly show his style, then you practice and practice for game day.  


From the teacher

Listen to Lindisfarne College social studies teacher Andrew Wilson talk about the impact that the programme has had on his boys. 

Andrew is one of Write that Essay’s Master Teachers.  A user from day-one of the programme’s launch in 2013, Andrew has been successfully integrating the software into his teaching from assessment improvement to training boys in advanced paragraphing techniques and sentence-writing skills.  He has seen a transformation in more than one boys’ school: across the spectrum.


Positive Gains

 As you know I have been really impressed with the top students results. I have been equally impressed with the gains made in my lower ability class.  

 Andrew has just completed a Teaching As Inquiry project with a focus on improving academic writing.  In it he focused on using Write that Essay to improve the writing of 3 'middle' students. As Andrew says: ‘The project also emphasised reconfiguring essay questions in assessment tasks alongside a focus on structure, argument, evidence, and flair in grading. The results were affirming and reinforced the positive gains to be made through WTE.’


Case Study

Teacher   Andrew Wilson, Teacher in charge,
Social Studies, Lindisfarne College, Hawke's Bay
Objective   Raise performance in boys' writing
Key Impact   Writing structure improved