2-Day Teacher Writing Conference

2-Day Teacher Writing Conference

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Lift Australia's Writing Results with Dr Hunter
21 & 22 October


This conference is for EVERY Australian teacher—whether you teach high school or primary, every subject. If you want better writing results for your class or school, the Teacher Writing Conference is for you.



Sydney Conference SocialsThe Finer Details: 

Overview: Hear about the writing programme transforming school outcomes across Australasia. Say goodbye to fad fixes and solutions that are draining on your staff—get writing strategies that work immediately.

Location: ZOOM link provided

Time: 8:30am - 3pm AEST both days 


  • Master how to teach fluency, improve structure, fix waffle, deepen analysis, and build student confidence. 
  • Learn practical strategies and methods to improve your school writing results. 
  • Understand how to teach superior paragraph structures that eliminate dull writing and demonstrate deeper thought. 
  • Discover why PEEL and TEEL are causing your students to underperform.


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