Teaching Writing Effectively in the Classroom (NZ)

Teaching Writing Effectively in the Classroom

Our WTE Classroom Teacher Certification offers teachers the opportunity to attend a series of one-day workshops where they are trained in the Hunter Writing System by professional WTE facilitators.

Classroom Teacher Certification equips you with writing tools to teach your classes confidently. This training day can be completed as a standalone workshop, or towards your WTE Classroom Teacher Certification. 

To gain certification you must complete FOUR compulsory workshops plus any TWO optional workshops followed by an exam and an assessment.

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Learn how to use the Hunter Writing Method to deliver writing instruction in your classroom. See how the approach is unique and different from other writing instruction methods. All participants will develop and practice model lessons for delivery in their classroom.

Booking Information:

Cost: $360 per teacher (excl. GST).

Catering: Training day is fully-catered. Please advise of any dietary requirements.

Date: 01 Nov 2021

Time: 9am - 3:30pm

Location:  iPress Café, Mt Eden Village, Auckland

Note: You may have an existing Writer's Toolbox licence already as part of your school package.  If you do not have a Writer's Toolbox licence, you can still attend a training day and will be issued a temporary account for the day.  Should you wish to take up a licence after this, contact Writer's Toolbox


WTE reserves the right to cancel/reschedule workshops that don't meet minimum number requirements.