Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and Seminars

 The best PD I have had all year, and I’m not an English Teacher!  

J.Hamilton | Whangarei Girls' High School 

 The most useful PD in years—learning with a sense of having so much more to offer my students.  

A. Druery | Springbank School 


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  •  Make staff better writers and coaches of writing

  •  Learn effective teaching strategies and approaches

  •  Produce clearer assessment tasks

  •  Improve student outcomes

  •  Better assistance for gifted and talented and students with particular learning needs

Tailored to suit all curriculum areas.  Intermediate and high school options available.  Click the button below for more information.


Practical professional development from leading experts that delivers results.  Full day and half-day workshops and seminars that deliver practical strategies you can immediately use in the classroom.   



  Academic Writing Workshop: Tools, Strategies, and Techniques (half day or whole day)

Teaching staff the fundamentals of academic writing: planning techniques, introduction writing, starting techniques, improving analytical paragraphs, fixing over-writing, developing fluency.



  Assessment Task Simplification (whole day across school, 1 hour contact sessions with faculty)

Working alongside faculty groups to improve assessment tasks by simplifying instructions and re-writing to deliver higher level of thought and analysis. 



  Scholarship Student Workshop (whole day broken into 2 sessions)

Develop stronger writing skills in scholarship and senior students wanting to see higher examination performance.  Workshop focuses on developing greater fluency, argumentation, analysis, superior answer structure, etc.



  Regional Writing Seminars (one day)

Regional Writing Workshops include parallel workshops covering writing strategies, assessment design, and use of Write that Essay to deliver better classroom outcomes.