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At WTE, we've been doing distance learning since 2012.  Tens of thousands of students use Writer's Tool Box every day to seamlessly complete work remotely in a fully-scaffolded online world.  No longer wait for teacher feedback on your writing quality: Writer's Toolbox is your powerful at-home writing coach.  Ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence assesses your writing quality—then encourages you on an individualised journey to greater writing skill and improved grades.

  • Instant feedback as you write
  • AI affirms what you are doing well and sets new goals
  • Individualised learning experience
  • Eight unique writing tools
  • Fully-scaffolded instruction for sentence writing and paragraph construction
  • Creativity and planning tools for writing tasks
  • Comprehension and skill-building activities
  • Daily writing tasks
  • Marks your work in real time
  • Works on all major platforms: iPad, Tablet, laptop, desktop

 It's better than at-home tutoring, at a fraction of the price.  


A dedicated home user version of Writer's Toolbox is in production.  However, with the present demand for home learning, we have been asked to make the present school version of Writer's Toolbox available for home purchase.  We have now made that possible, and from April 2020, home users can purchase the school student version of Writer's Toolbox. 

  • This licence gives home users ALL the features a SCHOOL STUDENT enjoys on Writer's Toolbox and allows self-paced learning.
  • SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICE: $149 single-user annual licence (usually $299).  Additional users less 20% 


Please note: this is a student licence, with all the features a present student enjoys.  It is not a teacher licence, so while a student can use the usual activities and tasks in the site, a parent is unable to make tasks for their child or mark their child's work.  

 If you’d like to access this remote learning support, or have any questions:

Australia: admin@wte.org.au
Telephone: (07) 3847 6278

New Zealand: admin@wte.nz
Telephone: (09) 624 6886